My 2nd 3M Joseph Asleep. (AA girl)


I had so much fun reborning her. What do you think?


Wow!! Incredible job!! Just beautiful! :star_struck:


She’s absolutely beautiful I am so in love!!


She is a beauty!!


She is beautiful!


What a cutie !!! I Love her, amazing job!!!


Haha! Super CUTE and she really has her own personality!!! Great job!


LOVE HER! :heart:

Which body did you use?


Awwww. She’s adorable!! I love your babies. The hair is awesome.


I love that hair!!!


What a little Princess!!! She is a beauty!!


You always amaze me with your rooting! She is a beautiful baby. You do an awesome job on your babies.


Thank you so much everyone!


Someone finally made it to their new home


I know someone is happy today. :smile: She is so cute. I love her little shoes.


Yes, her mom loves her so much!