My 3 Month Joseph awake girl


I finished and posted on Reborns, my big Joseph awake. This was my first torso and I want to thank @Leabelle for the body, it worked out great!


Aww she is super cute! I bet (and hope) she will find a home fast!

Wonderful job!


Adorable! :heart_eyes:


Very cute as a girl!


Cutie pie!!


Adorable! :hearts:




Best female 3month awake goes to April!!! Whooohooo!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::kissing_heart:


Oh my, you rooted that gigantic head. How long did that take??

She is very cute. :blush:


Thank you…it only took a couple days but I didnt do much else, it was faster than rooting Tobiah actually. I love that hair, I get it from a Russian lady on Etsy. She mainly makes hair for Blythe dolls but she has some reborn specific hair now and its very soft and easy to root. It takes quite some time to get it but you can’t beat the price.

Awe, thank you so much @Vanniek :blush:


I can’t even with how adorable this baby is. Great job!


Oh my word! She is amazing!


Oh my gosh how precious!




She’s lovely !


Thank you so much ladies :blush:


That has to be about the best girl from that sculpt that I have seen. I wish I had the eye for these things like you and others do. But, we all have our own talents. You are an awesome artist!


I love this one-so cute!!!


Awe, thank you @Jacelyn5440, and you too @LisaLynn :blush:


I have only seen three big Joes as girls and this is adorable. I think the hair makes it work, good job.