My Annual Christmas Sale has begun already


I started my Annual Christmas sale today. I do it every year and it has been going really well the last 2 years. I buy up the really low priced sale kits throughout the year and sell painted hair babies with them between $110-$150 plus shipping. I have gained tons of customers from my sales and many followers. I have steady custom doll business throughout the rest of the year (at normal higher pricing) because of the following I have gained from my Holiday sale season. I post 2 dolls per week on Thursdays and Fridays at 8pm eastern and they literally sell within 2 seconds of posting them. It’s super fun! I love helping the people who normally wouldn’t be able to afford a Reborn to get one for their loved ones for Christmas. The photos below are of Moby. My first sale baby of the year. I am posting a Jewel tomorrow. =0) If anyone is interested in joining in the fun or just wants to check out my page you can find me here.

Just an idea for anyone who can afford to put on a sale to gain more customers and followers. =0)


That’s a great idea and your Moby is adorable. :blush:


Good for you! That’s great! Your baby is so so cute!


Your Moby is so CUTE!


I do this same thing!!! Yes!!! So freaking smart.


She is lovely and it sounds like you have a real good thing going-----keep it up!!


Omigosh, your reborns are beautiful! I’m following your page!!! :grin: