My April


Hope you like her:)
Wish me luck selling her


Gorgeous :heart_eyes:


She is the cutest one I have seen so far.


Oh princessa. It’s Spanish haha. I have a lot of Latino friends.




Precious! :heart_eyes:


Thank you!! :heart:️:heart:️


She is absolutely precious!!!


she is really pretty , I washed mine yesterday but have to finish up a couple and take some pics b4 I can start on her.


She’s perfect! What color hair did you use and from what supplier, it’s gorgeous.


She is so adorable !


I love her!


The hair looks so much like one of the prototypes, people are going to go nuts over her!! Beautiful job!!


She’s beautiful! I’m still waiting for my April kit, I haven’t even had the final invoice yet. I can’t wait to get started though, was she a nice kit to work with?


Yes she came to life so quickly you’ll love her!!


Thank you- that artist was my Inspiration!!


Thank you!! It was dark cocoa brown from delta dawn ! It really is even softer than it looks it’s incredibly soft


She’s beautiful!! :heart_eyes:


Beautiful! Love that hair :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much!