My big ole Joe


Here is my Joe, he was dressed up as the flower in the Halloween Challenge. I need to put a bit more varnish on him because he’s shiny. The super matte varnish does not work very well with the soft touch varnish. It works well with the Golden Varnish though…I use the golden first and then the soft touch. From now on Ill use the Super matte in the Golden Varnish and then the RebornFX matting powder in the soft touch. Anyway, here he is…his hair is applied alpaca and as soon as I get him some more clothes Ill do a better photo shoot and list him on
Thanks so much @RoseannsBoutique for his body, it really makes him look so much better!




He’s so amazingly chubby! He looks very cute.


That’s one big cuddley baby!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Thank you guys…he’s so BIG!! We are in love with him, my daughter and I keep carrying him around. I think I might cry when I sell him :pleading_face::wink:


He’s cute!


I don’t think the black background is good for him…its making him look yellow.


You may have to make him a keeper. :slight_smile:


He’s too big…I don’t know where Id put him, he’d need his own room :wink:


He looks very sweet and cuddly.


Aww!! I’m so in love!! I can’t Wait for my kit to come!!! I love yours!!


Adorable ! I like the 3rd pic !


Yeah, I like that one too…and the one with him on my daughters shoulder. I tried talking my son into it but he didnt believe me when I said I wouldn’t put him in the picture LOL.
Thank you guys…thank you @katieperry, can’t wait to see yours. I am debating whether I should get another one, Im definitely getting the awake version…they are making one, right?


Didn’t you just LOVE painting him??? He’s such a dream to work on :heart_eyes:

I’m so anxious to get the awake version now!


Yes, and its why Ive been thinking about getting another one, I keep saying he painted himself. He was pretty expensive though plus the body and I already have so many other kits. I definitely want the awake version, I can justify that buy because…its a “different” baby :wink: