My First Reborn Kit! ~will update as things progress~


I own exactly ONE reborn, a Quinn (my grandmas maiden name, no less, lol) I’ve maimed Riley. But that was enough to cause me to want to try my hand at it :smile: So I ordered a cheap kit, Faith my Heather Boneham and she and my brushes showed up today! My daughter was quite excited about the ‘baby’ (it actually caused quite a fit when I put her up) :joy: Just waiting for my paints and a few other tools before I can start painting! I’m super excited :laughing:


Awe, I see the recipient of Faith, lol. Your daughter is so cute. How exciting.


And help too …


1st kit is always exiting ! You will remember it forever.
My 4years old daughter insist to kiss each “baby” head I receive…:grin:


Do they all come stamped like this?? My Quinn doesn’t have a stamp on his neck, was the artist able to cover it up?? Gosh, I can’t wait till Monday! My paints should hopefully be here by then and my mom is coming up with my oven (found an almost brand new nuwave for $30! She was kind enough to pick it up for me).


Faith is an older kit. BB has since moved their stamp to the flange so that it doesn’t interfere with the painting. Stamping is still located on the base of the neck on many kits. I really don’t notice it as I paint. You will just have to be careful and clean out that area after each layer to prevent the paint from pooling in those letters. Counterfeit kits can usually be identified from the originals because that artist stamp is missing, at least from the ones I have seen posted. That doesn’t mean that every kit that doesn’t have a stamp is counterfeit, though.


Thank you! That’s good to know. She’s my first so I don’t plan on selling her (I’m sure she won’t be good enough) :slight_smile:️ I’m also half in love already as she’s a preemie, about the gestation I was when I was born :slight_smile:️ Kindred spirits with a reborn doll, haha :laughing:


Thank you! We like her :slight_smile:️she’s a little character :heartpulse: A firecracker. And our karma :joy: But She’s worth it :slight_smile:️ Faith being my first I think I might keep her myself but I can’t wait to make little Miss her very own baby :slight_smile:


My first order of paints! These should be all I need to do the base flesh coat and the mottling :laughing: I’m HOPING :crossed_fingers:t2: the rest of my paints will be here Monday :slight_smile:


One arm and the head (I blurred the background so you didn’t get the full force of my ‘after making dinner’ kitchen, haha. According to Custome Doll Baby I’ve still got two more mottling layers (and I need to do some fading/blending on her head around her face) but this is what I managed during nap time.
Let me tell you a funny little anecdote. I called my husband over to show him what I had accomplished (the base coat and first two mottling layers) and Mr Family Med Resident, instead of just saying ‘Hey, that looks nice!’ Or ‘Um, not quite, love’ proceeds to study it and then tell me what and where I need to fix so it will look more like a real preemie newborn :joy:


Lookin’ good, what a good advantage to making the perfect preemie, lol!


Thank you! And LOL, right?! I about died, I should have known that’s what he’d do but it still took me by surprise


She looks so pale in these pictures, her face especially. Will it get better? So far she’s got a base coat and four layers of mottling. I can’t do her veining until I can bake her and I can’t bake her until Monday when I get my oven. I’m pretty happy with the mottling but she’s so pale!


Can’t beat that advice :blush:


I usually do several washes before I can even tell I have started.


Oh thank God, lol As long as it’s not just me, haha!


Looking great!. Custom doll babies are a bit paler, everyone has different taste as to how they like their finished babies coloring to be. I wait until I am completely finished if seems a bit pale because she will change a lot as you add blushing layers etc. if she needs a bit of warming up you can always add a light burnt umber wash when you are completely done. I personally love all skin tones. From very pale to very warmed. The ladies here have amazing examples of all the different skin tones


Thank you! Very much, that’s very helpful :slight_smile:️ I suppose if she stays pale she’d fit pretty well in our family, lol We are ghosts until summer and then, even with proper sunscreen application, the kids and I brown up just THINKING about sunlight, haha


Same with my family lol, all very pale blondes. I like custom doll babies tutorials so much. She teaches you to be light handed and subtle. I found learning this way gave me the ability later to develop my own style. You can decide where you want to maybe be more heavy handed or if you learn a neat technique from another artist there is room to add it into your process. You are going to have so much fun, happy painting!


I have a question…why are custom babies paler? Isn’t a custom baby one that someone requests? Maybe I really don’t know what a custom baby entails…:neutral_face: