My first sale!


How wonderful. Congrats


Big congrats!!


Thanks! Yes. When you first make a listing and it doesn’t sell, you start to doubt your abilities. In my case, I wanted to make a little money before I continued my hobby. Brooklyn came in the mail today at the same time as my sale. I will be starting her this week! I feel validated!


Thank you so much, everyone! I will post Shelby’s photos in his new outfit I ordered once I get him ready to go!


Yay!!! That’s so awesome:) I love how art can be healing- these sweet little dolls that we make are just magical:) Congrats on your first sale!!!




Congrats! Welcome to the addiction.


He’s all ready to go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is wonderful!! Congrats!!!


Oh, yes! That worked out awesome!


I think so, too. I know I have just started on my first real born doll. It is different to me, somehow. I didn’t realize right at first, but then I was holding those tiny arms and legs and doing veins, etc., and I just realized – WOW! This just feels different from the other kits. I love all my kits or I would not have purchased them. I even changed my Silvia (6-Month Eastson) into summery play clothes today, and yes even though she is closed eyed, I did sit up on the sectional and left sitting. She is very special to me, being the first one I made and that I learned from her. OK I am so happy for everyone who sales, and who are doing well with the hobby. It is a great thing!


It is exciting:) the whole process of reborning!