My first time reborning, Brooklyn WIP


Hey there! I’m super excited. I started working on my first Reborn ever! Her name is Brooklyn. Here’s what I got so far!


She’s looking lovely, keep up the good work. Take your time, she will be beautiful.


Looking great!


She looks great so far! Are you following along with any tutorials?


Thank you!! I had been following Custon doll baby, she is amazing, but I was noticing that particular baby was very pale (or at least it was in camera) so I added more pigment. I also started figuring out some colors. It is so addictive!!!


You’re doing amazing!!!


Looks really good!!! Love the lips


Doing great.


I added more color this weekend, the face is looking great, not so great for the feet and hands though :expressionless:


GREAT JOB!!:heart_eyes:


My baby got her eyelashes tonight!



Beautiful job! She looks lovely!


I rooted the hair last night with my daughters hair when she was 2 years old (10 years ago!) and varnished her face today to lock in her peach fuzz!! She looks delicious! This weekend I will fill and attach her body together! My daughters are in love!!


How beautiful!


Are you sure she is your first? Great job!


She is finished!! Brooklyn weighs 6.6 lbs and measures 19 inches long! Sooo cute! :two_hearts::two_hearts:. I can’t believe I did this!


Very impressive work


Thank you!


You did an amazing job on her. Great pics, too.:heart: