My little Summer Rain


For those of you that have seen my reborn posts, know that I am a creasing Freak lol. So here is my Summer Rain…love this squishy little kit. She’s a little baldy because I’m so far behind from moving. :slight_smile:
Also she is not as red in person. I can’t get good pictures on rainy days ugh :expressionless:




Ty so much! I don’t like indoor pictures but it’s so rainy and cloudy. Going to stay for while too. Lol


So sweet! I love baldies :heart:


She’s really sweet, I love Summer Rain! :heart:️:heart:️


She’s adorable!
I finally broke down and bought lights because this time of year in France it is always dreary and rainy. They weren’t too expensive, I got them on Amazon.


She’s beautiful I love her!! And she looks great bald ! So precious


So cute!! :heart:


She makes a great baldie! Great job on coloring, too.


Well hello princess! How do you get the red around the lips? Not color the lips but around them so it blends in and doesn’t look like makeup? I love that love. It’s very natural.


Thank you so much everyone for your sweet compliments! @Theara it was a total mistake lol!! She didn’t take the paint well esp her lips. No matter what I did the paint came off so I posted here and got more aggressive with powders, pencils, paint you name it lol!! So when I rubbed it off it was outside her lips a little. I though she was going to end up in the trash. But even though I use too much paint, my babies are painted :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was an awesome mistake. I love her painting!


Thank you so kindly!! :hugs:


Looks really good


Thanks everyone. She got adopted and moved to Puerto Rico :hugs:


Congratulations, her new mommy will love her!