My newest creations!


I spent the afternoon giving my newest creations their photo shoots. Here are some of my favorites of 2 babies (Ashley Awake and Marcus Kitagawa). I have one more to share, but I can’t post those for a few more days :wink: Sorry for the pic spam!


They are absolutely gorgeous.


Ohhhh, little man in his suspenders! How sweet!


Beautiful babies! That boy! I’ll babysit him until you find his mommy lol. What’s his sculpt? I love his hair. And her shoes are so cute! I’m loving these pictures. I’m ready for my closeup, Mr Deville indeed.


I think that’s Marcus. He’s so cute!

(edited to add; I just re-read the post. It is Marcus for sure. LOL)


Beautiful babies! Ashley’s hair is amazing!!!


I think they both are awesome, but I just love the Marcus kit! I love his expression! Thanks for sharing.


You did a great job. Your photography is very nice. I like your hair painting. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Such beautiful work! I adore that little Marcus he is just too sweet


The little boy is Marcus by AK Kitagawa. I fell in love with his expression when he was on preorder and snatched him up!


Thanks everyone! The photography is my least favorite part if the whole process, so I always put it off!


I’m with you on that one. Veins and photoshoots are the bane of my existence. lol


Thank you!


They are both adorable!


They are both gorgeous!!! But I have to admit that the little boy has the cutest expression on his face!!! :heart:️:heart:️