My project doll all done. Here she is


I finished redoing this doll that my friend’s daughter “beautified” and the Mom made it worse by trying to clean it off. I had to bleach out the marker, strip the paint, repaint and reroot her bald spots. Her daughter will be happy. I think she turned out pretty good.




No, you did not do pretty good – you did excellent!


That is an amazing transformation! You should be very proud!! :slight_smile:


Wowwww how in the world did you fix this baby. I would have just made a new one!


Wow! She looks like a brand new baby! Great job!


You transformed that baby what a great friend to have :smile:


Amazing transformation! You’d never even know it was the same doll. GREAT JOB!


You are a miracle worker!


Wow! It looks spanking new!


Thank you. It was a fun project for me. Got me motivated…lol.


Wow! I can’t believe it is the same doll!! You are a star I’ll tell you! Great job!


You did a great job!


Awesome save! I would not have wanted that job!


Oh wow…awesome job!


Great job!!!


You think she turned out pretty good? She looks great!




Wow, beautiful! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see her dolly all fixed up!


She’s gorgeous, a fantastic job you’ve done


Wow what a transformation! Love the outcome!!