My real baby is still giving me trouble


I shared a while back that I was expecting my third baby and due on October 8th. This pregnancy has been much different because with my first two, I was married and wasn’t doing it alone. For the most part, both pregnancies went well. This time, it has been stressful since day one.
I met the baby’s father last summer and we fell for each other too fast. Long story short, he tricked me into thinking he was son great Christian man. I was blinded and fooled. Heck even my entire family was fooled by him. In January I got pregnant though it was of course not planned. His tune changed over night. He became mean and cold. Then he demanded adoption, I refused. Well then in June the donor bailed. He said he did not want me to live with him because he though we would end up fighting a lot (we never had one actual fight, no yelling, nothing just debates over things). We were engaged at the time and he asked for his ring back. Seeing he was a man of no integrity and too much ego, I obliged and told him I was done. He said he didn’t want to break up, just didn’t want me to live with him. He has some mental abnormalities apparentky… I had taken a lower paying job near him. One that wouldn’t pay rent so he really set me up to drown.
Fast forward to August, I finally found a place to live that I could afford and fell down the stairs while moving. Baby was ok thank God. Then at 33 weeks I went into preterm labor. Prior to that I had several viruses for 5 weeks because my immune system crashed due to stress according to my Dr, so I was constantly very sick. They stopped the preterm labor, again thank God.

Yesterday afternoon I thought my water broke. I won’t go into detail but I really thought this is it. Contractions got to 3 mins apart for two hours but things stalled at 3 cm. I was sent home this morning still having some contractions.

I am so thankful this kid is so tough. However, im wondering when he will come now. This pregnsncy has been so hard and even harder because I’ve done it alone. I also have a 3 and 5 year old and caring for them while pregnant has tested me big time. I’m just so tired and need to have this kid.
Any prayers are appreciated. My Dr is supposed to get things going on Monday. I pray we both compete thus journey on a positive note.


Praying he comes soon…and no complications!


You’ve really had a lot to deal with, for sure!

Hoping for a smooth labor and delivery and a healthy baby and mommy!

Sounds to me like baby is as strong and tough as you are!


I’m so sorry to hear of all your struggles. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way. Hoping for a smooth delivery for you and your baby!


Prayers for you and you baby.


Praying for you! He’s a rodeo clown! :clown_face::cowboy_hat_face: If you ask for your ring back, that’s breaking up. I always thought calling off the engagement means it’s over, unless there’s special circumstances. You don’t deserve this. Don’t put his name on the birth certificate and consult a good family law lawyer for a free consultation. I did and it saved me grief from my abuser. Good luck!


Praying for you n hope all goes well.


Problem is I need the child support so I have to make him. He said he will be involved even if I don’t want him to be. I think he knows that will be like a punishment to me to have to deal with him. It’s certainly not because he wants his son. And I think most of all he’s mad he will have to pay child support. Money is very special to him and he likes to keep his money all for himself. His parents bought him his half million dollar home. 8 bedrooms 7 bathrooms and he just pays the taxes. They fund literally everything. He also has two kids from his marriage That he has half time and his parents come stay the night every day he has them to care for them for him. His life is all about him. Of course I didn’t know all of this before I started dating him seriously. He kept it all secret and lied. Anyway, he’s a slime ball but if he pays support or even if he just wants to be around, I csnt stop him. Legally he has rights even though he doesn’t deserve to.


I agree with what Karen says. You have been through a lot. My daughter’s Fiance’ broke up with her when the baby was 2 1/2 months old – while he held that precious baby in his arms – he said they just didn’t make a good couple… WHAT??? I thought to myself, "You sure thought you two were a great couple when you were jumping in bed with her promising you loved her and would get married that next Spring! Anyway – he did marry – a much different woman than my daughter. Not saying my daughter is perfect – none of us are. But she was holding to the commitment and almost ready to start ordering fabric, etc., for the gown. So, I can feel for you even though I have not been in your shoes. I pray for the baby to be here right when he should be and that you will do superb! :slight_smile: You have a lot of support on this forum.


I’m so sorry you are going through that, I’m sending prayers for your and your little ones!


You’re strong and you’ll be fine. You don’t need the aggravation of a self centered, narcissistic man. Just remember that you loved him once and don’t let the fact that it didn’t work out have an adverse effect on your baby.


Yes, definitely put him on the birth certificate. He has to pay child support…period! You need the help while you are raising his child all by yourself. I hope the doc can get your labor going, that last month is a killer no matter what situation you are in and Im sure its really hard for you in your situation. I hope you have family to help you out!


I’m so sorry you’ve been through all this stress. Prayers it turns around for you and you have a happy healthy baby very soon. :blue_heart:


It’s actually eerie how much your story mimics mine. My “Jesus loving” man left me pregnant with a baby due October 10. The stress made the baby decide to come on September 14. That baby is 8 now. Life is good. God pulled us through. :heart:️️


I understand. Make him work for it. Have him take a test etc and be frank and nonconfrontational with him. Don’t be the crazy or angry mom bad mouthing him. But don’t let him hurt your baby’s heart. That’s all I can say. Xoxo


I would never bad mouth my child’s father to him or her for the simple reason of that would damage them. Kids know they are part of their mom and dad and no matter bow horrible the other peraon is, if you put them down, you’re insulting your child (that’s how they experience it anyway). I never bad mouth my ex husband to the kids. I try to highlight his strengths and say good things or nothing at all. I think with this one, I’ll have to say nothing at all for a long long time lol


Hehe you’re like me. I hold my mouth when my kids ask. I say nothing even though he’s so messed up and crazy as heck. You’re right about how kids understand things. He or she can be horrible but our kids won’t see that. They see mom or dad. They love them even when we’re finished and throwing our hands up. If we bad mouth them, the kids will hate us and run to the other parent! I hope you’re not taking this a bad way. You’re living what I went through years ago and I was just passing along the legal advice I remembered. Mine was criminally abusive so he’s not allowed around us or I’d get in trouble.


Yep! :zipper_mouth_face:


Praying that all will turn out well for you. Don’t stress too much. Take care of yourself and those beautiful babies. :pray:t2:


Sending up prayers for a beautiful, happy baby and an easy quick delivery for mom.