My Special Cuddle baby is here!


I want to make a fantasy doll- I haven’t yet in all these years.


You are so very talented! You are so generous at giving complements to others but look at you! Your avatar is wonderful and all of your babies are great :heart_eyes:


Yes, she is! Very talented to begin with… I am so happy for her that she is so talented and is doing so well with reborning! It really is great to see!


@PaperCityDolls @RebornsbyCaro @Jacelyn5440 Oh my goodness, ladies, you made me blush. Thank you so much for your kindness and your high prase. I am just trying to create each baby as I am doing it for myself. :blush: And I have a hard time call them ‘dolls’. They are babies to me, including my fairy and elves.