My sweet Lillian


Getting ready to post her on reborns


I love her in the white, like a Christmas Angel :innocent:


She is a blonde beauty!!


She is so beautiful! You do great work! How did you do the eyebrows? They look like they might be rooted.


Thank you! I painted them using Ultimate Fusion paints


She is beautiful! How do you like UF paints?


So sweet and beautiful!


I just have 5he set for blonde hair. I find them easy to use, BUT it dries super fast. If I do one eyebrow and it’s not looking the greatest, or doesn’t match with the other…it’s dried and I have trouble to remove it


She’s gorgeous!!! :hugs:


Oh… That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen for me. :slight_smile: Is it possible to strip it if need be?


She’s adorable!! I voted for her in the contest but didn’t know she was yours. :blush:


I can’t wait to try them! @Mommarobin


I did strip eyebrows on Saskia, and then touched it up and repainted


Love her