My version of Chubba Joseph


I so loved working on this one :blue_heart:

With my FABULOUS photography skills, he looks like he has reddish hair. He doesn’t. It’s light brown with blonde highlights. :smile: I also don’t usually make the lashes as long. That was mama’s request.

Anyway ~


Look at those toes! Great job!


Cute ! I am
So familiar with your style on reborns I don’t have to read the artists nameband recognize your babies


Karen he is absolutely adorable!!! You did an amazing job on him


he beautiful, all my kids had super long lashes


He’s perfect! Love his little piggies!


Oh, he’s gorgeous!!!


He’s beautiful! If mine turns out half as nice I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:


I love him Karen. His lashes are perfect.




Thanks so much, everyone! :heart:


Beautiful job Karen! I love his lashes. They look good on him. :blush:


Thank you, Kate :blush:


Wow! How do you make such beautifully tipped nails?


Thank you! Actually these are a bit whiter than I’d like. I tried to do everything to mama’s specs.

I start painting nails with my very first layer. By the time I’m done, they’re usually looking ok. Then at the very end, I just go over the tips with Flesh 08 mixed with a speck of blue. I let them all dry, then with a toothpick, go back and clean up any edges or take away any place that I think looks too thick.


He’s adorable!! Love that chubby bubby. :heart_eyes:


So perfectly precious!!


He is quite the cute little chub. Love him.


He’s perfect!!


He is just too darling. You did a wonderful job on this baby. Can’t wait until I can get one to paint.