My youngest son reborn


Ok here is my youngest reborn and my second attempt at reborning from a pic. this is the closest scuplt to him I could find its not as close as my 1st sons. I went by the picture with me and my oldest son also showed a different picture where his eyes are bigger lol

[attachment=2]Misc 001 (450x338).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=1]WP_000096 (450x338).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=0]WP_000091 (338x450).jpg[/attachment]


That’s pretty good.


Thanks the one of my oldest came out better. His sculpt was really close to his face the youngest one was had to find a matching sculpt this is the closest I could find


I think you did a great job matching the doll kit. It really shows with the first picture wearing the same shirt.




Chic, I loved it! What a cute little pouty face! Great job! Please make that baby smile!


Good match! :0)


awesome match…


Great match!


Thanks all


I think it turned out really well. That downturned mouth runs in my family too! Everyone thinks we’re upset when it’s just we’re relaxed! Other than the sculpt’s eyes being bigger, it looks so close in expression!