Name this puppy :-)


Ok everyone, I need your help. I’m getting a new puppy on 10/6 and for the life of me I can’t think of a name for him! I had an easier time naming my kids than I am having now. This little guy is a liver and tan (aka chocolate) yorkie who is currently 9 weeks old. He is super sweet and loves to give kisses and cuddle. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks so much :grinning:


He’s very cute, regardless of what you name him. :wink:


So cute, Mink


We adore our Yorkie, she has the strongest character/personality we have ever owned in a breed. Even more so then our wonderful old Westie we lost. We named her Misstea. Instead of Misty because she is royalty in her mind. Queen of this castle lol. You are in for a treat with him😍.
How about Mister lol
He looks like a duke or a chad also


Gives kisses and is chocolate brown “Hershey”


Great one I love it @Shera1


How about “Cuddles”


He looks like a Rocco to me :blush:


Yeah, I like Rocco…or Rocky, you need to give him a BIG dog name :wink:


I was going to suggest Cuddles too! :slight_smile:


I LOVE Hershey for him since he is chocolate brown and gives kisses! I have a yorkie/poodle mix and he is named Carter. Super sweet breed! Congrats on the new addition


Henri… a close friend of mine has one with that name, OMG, he is a doll baby <3 CONGRATS no matter what you name him


Cocoa, Chocolate’ (choc-oh-latte), Hershey is cute…

Reese? cause he looks like a peanut butter cup :wink:


I think Coco or Hershey too but Reese is the best.


Greg , Steve or Jeffrey!




Such normal names coming from someone with a dog named Pizza :wink: :heart:


@jlesser @nikkiroc. And Jimmy Choo :heart_eyes:


Chocco or Teedo

My friend’s dog is named that, too. I believe he is a Chihauhau.


Hershey is cute -his registered name could be Herseys, Kisses for Me ( add the comma so they don’t say it’s a trademark lol) -also a big name for such alil guy would be cute like Bear or Sampson -he is so cute !! Love some puppy breath kisses :kissing_heart::joy: