Need motivation! Your first reborn vs. most recent


Hey everyone,
My name is Catherine, and I am new to this community. I have recently gotten all the supplies necessary to start reborning… except courage!

I have had everything since Christmas but I just can’t seem to find the courage to start, I’m so afraid of messing up or that it won’t ever be the way I want it to. I have many test parts to work with, something just keeps holding me back.

This is where I’m asking for your help. If possible, I would love to see your first reborn vs. your most recent, what you struggle(d) with as an artist, what you did to overcome it, and of course any helpful tricks or tips you wish you’d known when you first started.

I know my firsts won’t be perfect or probably anywhere near what I want them to be, I’m just hoping they’ll be recognizable. Maybe with a lot of time, patience, and perseverance I can start to get a hang of this!

Thank you all in advance for your help! :grin:


I strip my first 5 or 6 time…and he become a vampire :sweat_smile:
I strip my second 5 or 6 time…then give up.
I strp my 3rd 2 time, finally become a AA. I keep him.
Then I go on and make others, some I strpped, some not, and become better. I finally made some I was proud of and sell 4.
Never give up ! Don’t be affraid to try ! Yes you will mess up, but you will learn alot and also be proud of yourself !
Some photos of my 1st…


My first I kept it was Milo had a chance to sell him but just couldn’t. Paint was skimpy and hair was pluggy , this is Ginger sculpt a baldie and Aurora Sky with hair. Have fun I did and still do.


I’m a big old newbie as well, so my advice isn’t a golden as some of then other ladies here, but here’s what I’ll say based on my experiences so far- Watch out for that blue! Less is more, and it gets darker with every bake(assuming you’re using heat sets). The first time I ever veined they were super heavy, and very bizarre looking. I’d also suggest avoiding it as a neutralizing color- some people swear by it. I stained a kit attempting it. My first completed doll came out very “flushed” looking. I went super heavy on the mottle. It’s easy to do since that’s really when you begin to see the realism. If you’re doing painted hair- use a practice head/limb first. The first time I did painted hair on (my second doll), he wound up looking like Donald Trump. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Sorry I can’t show you- he hit the trash, and I didn’t want any picture evidence. :joy: Last but not least, patience really is a virtue! Take your time!

My first doll, Liam verses my current WIP.(I’m mostly doing alternatives so it wouldn’t help to show you them.)


Here are my first 5 (daughter helped with the 5th one)
They look better in the pics especially the monkey :wink: lol

2 years later

Dolls number 62 & 63


my first n last biracial kit I did. What a difference. You’ll do find. Just take your time. Don’t rush the process. Watch plenty of videos. Customdollbaby is a good series to watch on YouTube. Goodluck


What you are feeling is perfectly normal. Even artists who paint on canvas sometimes look at the blank white surface and feel the same way. Once you get a bit of paint on the surface that feeling of fear will vanish and you’ll be off on a fun adventure. Just plop some paint on and start! YouTube has lots of videos that show how other people use paint.
I usually start with a layer of a basic flesh color and then bake. It gets the process started and keeps the vinyl from being as susceptible to staining from other colors. If you work slowly and use thin layers of paint you won’t make any huge mistakes and you can always wipe the goof away before you bake. Thin your paints until they are about the consistency of skim milk and you’ll be lots less apt to need to ever totally strip a kit. Look at good clear photos of real baby skin (and real babies) and see where the skin changes colors and how they blend. You can study other reborns all you want, but the best inspirations are real babies!
Most of all, let yourself enjoy what you are doing. It can be scary to start, but once you give yourself the freedom to go ahead you’ll love it.
Here is my first and one of my most recent!


#1, several years ago.

#10, made recently.


Don’t be afraid to get started. Practice makes you get better at anything.

The one on the left is my first reborn I made - was in 2003


These are the last ones that I made - 2017





Here is my first one, a little less than two years ago:

My fourth one, which I made a few months after my first:

And my most recent one, which I finished at the very end of December:


Just do it. What’s the worst that will happen? You’ll have to strip and start over? Okay. We’ve all done that many times.

Here’s my first that I stripped several times, then decided to just move on. I was so proud of her. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Almost 2 years later, here are my babies. I still love painting them and hope to improve more this year.


Take the plunge and just start one step at a time. The worse that can happen is stripping. But once you start you will be hooked! I love this hobby!


My first and Last. Just go ahead. There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had. Not including the sweetness of your first reborn being complete. Mine isn’t perfect but I will never change her nor sell her.


My first, June 2002 ~ Berenguer doll from Walmart, oil paints, wig, gel pen and nail polish on his nails…we’ve come a long way, baby! :laughing:

KAREN 2002 first reborn

Most recent, December 2017 ~


I started in 2011 with Ryan, I know he’s a big mess, I struggled and still struggle with rooting (I haven’t rooted a reborn in over a year) but I started painting hair to combat that.
I also used to struggle with paint thickness, keep it thin!

This is my most recent, she’s finished now but I don’t have any finished pics yet


MEg was my first- too blue! She was a mess so I never put her together. Aster is my 6th baby.Both Painted with air dry paints.


Lol somehow I got my WIP Ashley in there too!


My first, poor, sad Kate! Lol


Last few in progress and finished :joy:


I teach reborning classes. I tell my students the only thing that cannot be fixed is if you melt the baby. Everything else can be so really there is only that one tiny thing you have to worry about. You are fortunate you are coming into reborning now when there are so many tutorials, classes, videos to learn from. There is no magic formula it is art. Dont think you have to follow tutorials, classes videos step by step watch them and make it your own. RebornPictures103

OMG the things we did back in the day lol Latest works in progress


my first was megan haha!! And my last was levi, he is my 6th baby so huge improvement I think in two years. Lordy those plugs on megan! CRINGE! :slight_smile:

My advice would be that with the first baby try everything. Its your learning baby, so use a cheap kit. Just look at it as this is not the best i can do. You WILL get better with time!