Need to sell some kits!


I am needing to sell some of my kits. Here’s what I have:

Ashley awake - $30 plus ship (+$20 if body is wanted)

Sara Linn by Antonio Sanchez - $25 plus ship

Payment is preferred through PayPal friends and family. If you prefer to pay through goods and services, then there will be a 3% fee added on to your total. I only ship to the US.


Zuri is sold! The rest are still available!




I need a couple kits, I would rather buy them from someone on the forum who could use the extra baby money than a company that doesn’t.

I would like Laila asleep, Priscilla and Kyrie and add the bodies please if they are the fitted , gathered bodies and the right size. I really, really hate the big string tied teddy bear bodies.

I am assuming its a smoke free home? (cigarette smoke is a deal breaker, I just got a kit where she swore they didn’t smoke and I soaked that vinyl in everything and still it smells like a bar… Grrrrrr…)

I Think you can get them all in a flat rate box? PM me with your email and I can get payment over to you.


Awesome, thank you!! They all have the correct #1458 Realborn body, and yes, they are from a smoke free home. I received a completed doll about a year ago who smelled like smoke, and the smell still isn’t gone🙄 I’ve tried everything to get it out, so I know how bad that can be.
Yep, they will fit in a large flat rate box, so your total is $146.65. My PayPal email is



Thank you so much.



Got it! Thank you!!!:blush:


Anyone interested in these last two? Would really like to sell them.