New Dream Baby


I came across this sweetheart, Raven by Ping Lau
I am just blown away by how many completely different looks one sculpt can have and all be equally as amazing as the next! Yep I am :heart_eyes:
I clipped the artist name at the top to give credit to the site I screenshot it from


She’s my first expensive kit when I get much better than I am now. I also love Zoey in the video below but I don’t know which kit?


I found her! She’s Maize, reborn by Chrysalis babies.


A beautiful smiling baby, a must, I hope to paint one someday too.


Yeah they’re cure as long as they don’t have a toothy smile. That can look strange.


I just love Sunny!


I do too! She’s a lovely kit!


@Theara I love strange toothy smiles, lol! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :upside_down_face: :crazy_face:


Haha I don’t mind small smiles but the crazy eyed big grins are creepy.