New lower prices for going out of business sale


The following kits are 2 for 35.00+shipping
From BB Kits: Cutie, Hannah, Trey, Savannah,

Cuddles w/body; Juan w/body; and Rowan w/body all from BB…30.00 each+ship.

Please message me your email and zip.


I would really Like Matis by G. L please

Since is 2 for $70 please add Gianna by Melodie Hess


Bodies: 1804 . 5916 and 7451


Indra and Lucy will pm info :slight_smile: thank you :blush:
Bodies 5884 ,2743,


Thank you so much. They are yours. I will send you an invoice.


Thank you. Please send me your email and zip code to


Hi Kimmie. I will send them right away.


Awesome do you have anymore bodies? I could use one for the Maggie kit


Sorry, those listed are all I have.


Message sent :slight_smile:




Thanks @ritab I’ll just take the ones I asked for
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Sorry, those listed are all I have.


Yes, but the cost will be 25.00 + shipping. The sale is for 2 kits at 35.00 + shipping. He was listed at 25.00 on the original Going Out of Business Sale as an individual kit and if you want just that kit, it is 25.00


There is any chance somebody wanted this kit :slight_smile:
I do really need the Mathis so if somebody wanted that hopefully we can work it out .


Sorry, no one else asked for it. ( It is a really cute kit, and worth the money.)


I will take bodies 3228,5915,3432,7451,5867,1181
Email is


What is left of non BB kits?


Do you have any BB sleeping kits left? ty :slight_smile:


Non BB kits: Stephanie, twins David and Jamie, Robin.


The quads are Donna Rubert, aren’t they?