New lower prices for going out of business sale


Yes, they are.


Ok just making sure I haven’t missed your invoice -I sent you my info to the email you gave - I m not rushing you -just didn’t want you to be waited ng on me -thank you


Yes, there are 2 left: Amber and Jarome.


Invoice was sent.


I will take amber and jarome if no one hasnt. Thanks


They are available. I need your email to invoice you. Send it to


I haven’t received it -I sent my original email from a different email than my paypal -that may have made a difference-i just sent you another message from a paypal email -i m sorry I m so much trouble -I ve just recently started using PayPal -so I m still learning :confused:


Aw dang I missed Mathis! You don’t happen to have another of him do you?


No, sorry, I don’t.


Interested in Twins David and Jamie by Tina Kewy, are they still available?


Yes they are still available. I will need your email address for the invoice, if you want them.


Pming you


I got my invoice and paid -thank you :blush:


Got my items today -thank you -the sculpts are lovely :slight_smile:


Hello did my package go out yet?


It went out on Saturday and I sent an email.


Thank you much.


Do you have anything left


I do. Everything in the listing is still available. I always delete items as they are purchased.


Ok do you have any doll heads