New lower prices for going out of business sale


No. Just what is listed.


Thanks received my package


Glad it arrived. Thanks.


Any blaze kits left?


Any kits left


Yes! Savannah, Hannah, Lilly, Joseph (2nd), 2 for 35.00… The quads are left (70.00 for 4) as well as Cuddles, Juan, and Rowan (30.00 each)

Also, check out the Going Out Of Business #2 for quality mohair for sale.


Did the twins sell? do you have any bodies left?


What size are the quads ?


The quads are newborn and maybe preemie. With the variations in sizes my guess is they could wear both.


Yes, the twins sold and all the bodies are gone.


Is there bodies with the quads ?


Yes, they each have a body.


Ok I’ll take them


Thank you so much. Just a heads up…I may not be able to get all four in one postal box. If not, I will put one in another box. Just wanted you to know so you wouldn’t faint when you saw the postage.


I will need your email for the invoice.


sending you a pm


Did u receive my payment?


I did, thank you… Your package has been mailed and should arrive 10/12/2018. I sent an email to but it bounced back to me.


Ok thanks


What kits do you still have