**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


So sorry I had hoped it would be a better outcome .


Are you kidding right now!!! Please tell me this is some kind of joke… :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


Thank you @marrabo and @Katinafleming. I’m so nauseous and bugging the f out right now.


Fleas and bedbugs? I don’t have either at my house.


No it’s not. I’m hoping your stuff is ok. Her 2 piece Minnie bag had fleas, @Ledbetterlittles got a pair of infested bloomers from an open bag before it got here, and I’m soooo glad I didn’t go nuts opening up bags. It would have been worse. I have to sit here with this box until Wednesday and I’m so afraid it will spread throughout my house.


Oh you have something. There’s things crawling in the bags. I don’t have dogs or pets so no fleas and knock on wood no bed bugs.


I don’t see how as there was nothing in there before I shipped it out, and the box hasn’t been at my house in a while. It was in my kitchen, and there are no carpets or animals, so I don’t understand how there are any bugs. I would know if I had some sort of infestation.


Today’s a holiday for the post office oh well it’s there.


Please stop making excuses. Nothing is ever your fault. These bugs had fed on a human before. The suspected bed bugs were dead but full of brown blood. The fleas were jumping around on your Minnie outfit under the bag. I have been quiet and nice and tolerant and kind but in am sick of this ■■■■. Do you own up to anything? Is your whole life excuses?


The mail is running today… @Theara got the box.


There arent bugs in my house.


I don’t even have carpets or animals.


See if you can get pictures of the bags with the bugs.


You have cats!


No, the cats were given away a while back.



They can leave fleas. I know people this happened to. They feed on animals and will feed on humans is they have to.


Are you sure that maybe the box didn’t get damp on its long journey back and forth… And maybe there are gnats or something in it??


I really don’t understand how that is there. I don’t have animals, carpets, bugs, or any type of bites on me at all.


Those are in the bag with the items from @britt40478. I was wondering but I don’t think so.