**NEW** Newbie Traveling Pants Box Discussion - Restart!


OMG. I am just now seeing all of this…!!! tumblr_l9qo7uaiE71qzzud0

WOW…I wondered why the other thread was so quiet — I had no idea all of this was going on!

I know there’s a delay in the OTHER box coming to me, but now I don’t know what to expect…


Your box should be fine


Well my head is crawling from reading this but I just don’t see how those things could live inside a plastic bag.I blew the pictures up as large as I could and still could not tell what was in that bag.Fleas lay eggs also if they are alive so if it really is fleas ,they will hatch more fleas.If she had fleas or bedbugs,I think she would know from all the bites all over her.My husband worked for UPS freight before he became disabled and sometimes dead animals showed up in the trucks ,mice and other small creatures that carry fleas and I am sure some of the packages got fleas in them because he said sometimes when they were loading or unloading trucks ,they got bit.Yes he came home occasionally with bites all around his ankles.They must have been attracted to his socks or something.


Oh,I had to add this.A lady sent me a kit to paint and the box had stink bugs in it.This was some time back but that freaked me out.


They can ignore some people or the bites aren’t as itchy. It’s a something. That thing jumped at me and sometimes it’s more visible when I shake the bag.


Your little boys are so cute @Katinafleming
@Theara I’m so sorry hun this is my worst nightmare.
@DollyPardon I had already planned on opening the box outside. I am OCD about germs and in the last year or so turned into bug ocd. I stopped going to movies, wont sit back on chairs at Dr offices. I feel like a crazy person but bedbugs are so scary.
@cajuncuties I had no idea (but a suspicion)that schools were that bad. Makes me glad I homeschool.


Around my socks are where fleas will get me, too. I went through a grassy area one time on my school campus and had several one me by the time I got to my classroom. I have also picked them up at stores where they let stray cats stay around.
My hubby rarely gets bitten by fleas or mosquitoes. They are highly attracted to me. I read that it is probably due to my blood type or that I secrete my blood type through my skin(something along that line). My daughter , granddaughter, and I all get huge whelps when they bite us.


I am whats for dinner tonight for the mosquitoes they have a watch outside my door and when I step out they signal the tribe they show up then in swarms with their bibs around their necks .
They use the insect repellent I might put on as gravy


I used to get huge whelpe from mosquito bites. Now I itch but I’m fine the next day. Is there a tolerance that builds to mosquitoes? I hate red ants. That pain and the itching is certainly a ring of you know where.


Shower time. I’m still freaking out about the other bugs. I kept lifting the matress looking for bugs with a flashlight. I got touched with any fuzz I jumped.


Got into ants a few weeks back while mowing and weeding the flowerbed. The scabs and itching is still there. It takes months for them to go away.:tired_face:


I have scars from 3 years ago when we were in the southwest. They ate me alive. Between them and the junebugs jumping in my face, I stayed inside!


My youngest son used to get huge welps from mosquito bites. It was so hard to keep him from getting bit. But by the time he was about 6, he built up a tolerance. Now he’s 8 and a mosquito bite is no big deal for him. So yes, you can build up a tolerance.


Yeah, here in the south, there’s no escaping the mosquitos and June bugs. :grimacing:


My friend’s child got huge whelps on her face during summer. They live on the beach and there’s no escape from mosquitoes. Yay I have a tolerance to their bites, and I’m old haha.


Why are June bugs such a pain in the tuchus?


I’m 47 and still waiting…lol. I have mosquito zappers outside and the traps inside. It really has helped to eliminate them. We are having a wet and humid day. At dusk, they are going to be terrible. If I have to go outside, I crack the door just enough to get out and back in. I live in fear of those monsters. I have good reason since they are the deadliest animal on the planet.
As small as it is though, it is also the deadliest. It has been estimated that mosquitoes transmit diseases to almost 700 million people annually resulting in 2 to 3 million deaths every year.


My son is allergic to mosquitoes and it turns into Celulitis. Hot to the touch, hard, swollen, etc. If I dont catch it in time and he scratches it, it gets bad and he has to go on antibiotics. The last 3 times he didnt get it. The swelling went down on its own the next day.
I need to get repelling bracelets or something for him. Their bus stop has lots. :frowning:


Purification essential oil by young living is what we use as insect repellent. There are lots of essential oils that repel insects.


That is terrible.:anguished:

I put some glass beads in mason jars and scented them with Citronella oil that I bought from Amazon. I put them beside my exterior doors, as well as on my nightstand. I have dreams of dusting with Pledge all night.:grin: