New Wix site for challenges and swaps, maybe more


Good morning,
We have finished tweeking (I think) the new site. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, it was a site for us to use as a gallery to show off all the babies for the swaps and challenges, plus a place to have all the rules for said activities localized. All the old swaps are still on there that Starr did, they are under archives. Also, there is a page for the current challenge with the rules etc. If you want to take a look the address is below. Also if you have any additional ideas or see anything that needs fixed let myself, @jlesser or @Kate know. Thank you for reading, have a great day!


Awesome - how fun ! Thank you ladies for taking the time to update all this for us :heart:


One problem I’ve got on mobile, though, is that when I use the menu I have to tap underneath the thing I wanna go to. Makes looking around kinda hard, which is a shame cause I love all those cute babies!


Could possibly be different on each device

I tried 2 phones…
My older samsung 3 wont even load the page (but used to not open BB forum before the update about a year ago either… lol)

My LG Stylo 2 works perfect.


You did a great job! Had fun looking through the old photos.


Hmmm, not sure. I have tried it on an iPhone, Samsung, iPad, kindle fire and a MacBook and it works on all those. Sorry. What kind of device are you trying to use?


I am using my Samsung Galaxy and it is working okay for me. Could possible be the device.


A motorola moto G4 play. The whole site doesn’t run that smoothly for me, idk why. Other websites are fine. Never had the problem with links acting up either.


This is all I can see…nothing more.


This is great! Thanks so much!


Not sure, maybe since you are in another country is the only thing I can think of. Sorry.


Does it show a gray square?


No menu on the left hand side? Everything is fine for us. Are you in the US?


This is what mine looks like… the square is the list. When I tap it the drop down menu comes down

Then this is what it looks like


No, I just went back and double checked, and no grey square, I even tried to pull from the sides but nothing


Hey how great, good job ladies!


I have exactly the same as you. Can’t see any menu.


Hmmm I figure they are trying to work out the kinks, we can check back and see later if it works for us huh?!


Those who it is not working for did it work before our changes?

The only thing I can think of is the devices you are on… or even the internet browser you are using but it is not on our end unless it just started not working then maybe a change caused it.

Remember it is a free site and kinda limited to what we can and cant do/change. And we think it should stay free.


I was thinking maybe it was one of those issues as well. I had a similar issue one time and when I switched internet browsers everything was as it should have been.