New Wix site for challenges and swaps, maybe more


It’s not the browser, maybe my Samsung tablet. I will try later on my laptop.


I agree with what Jenni said. Are you ladies who can’t see it able to try on another device? It’s working on my end from my tablet, kindle, desktop and my Samsung galaxy.


I just tried it in my phone and I can see it properly now. The grey box is available now. I cannot see quite as well on my phone so usually use my iPad. My phone is a Samsung galaxy s9+ And the built in internet browser


I’m glad it is working now for you. Hopefully the others are able to get it working also.


I see it like @Reefbubbles i am on my iPad but will go look on my PC once we get internet set up. Thanks ladies for doing that. I know it takes time and hard work.


Love that this is here so I can go back and see the highlights of this contest @Anne kinda wish I left my entries in LOL


Just a question we have two more contests in this year will they be added to this ? The portrait challenge that @Babies hosted so well and the Christmas one . that has just wrapped up .


Someone told me awhile back (I don’t remember who) that the portrait challenge would be added, but I haven’t heard anything about it since then.


Okay well I guess I just brought up the subject again Lol I had been wondering about it as the Halloween one was so much fun to go look at :smile: I also figured it couldn’t hurt to get this post back at the top so people could go see it .


I just went through the site again and looked at the Archive section it was really nice to see all the 2015 contest entries there were some really nice babies done .


@marrabo @Babies I need to get them both added. I was unaware about the Christmas one as I haven’t been on here that much lately. Life has been hectic, health crisis’, holidays etc. I will try to get to them soon. If someone could link the Christmas one or PM it to me that would be helpful. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply and yeah life has a way of keeping you on your toes hope things get better and calm down for you so you can take a deep breath soon .


Thank you, you and me both.


Praying that life settles a little for you! @Renauta427 Has anyone sent you a link for the Christmas Challenge?

If not here it is!


And this one of the whole contest and voting in case you haven’t gotten them Bless you and your family hope things improve soon .


@marrabo yeah that too! :smile:


Just thought it might have something of the information about the contest that the other one didn’t that way it is all in one spot could help :smile: .


Yes that is where all of the babies are that were painted she needs them too! My brain was on vacation, lol!


So I did help then :smile:


Thanks ladies!