New Wix site for challenges and swaps, maybe more


Your welcome hope you and yours are doing better have a good Holiday .


Thanks I hope you have a great holiday as well. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder so it’s been crazy and emotional to say the least.


So sorry have added you to my prayers :sunny:


Thank you, I appreciate the prayers


Family always comes first! Take great care of her. Sending love and loads of prayers!


Sending prayers!


Thank you Anne. I appreciate it :purple_heart:. It just hard cause she just turned 6 and is pretty traumatized from all the needles. Here’s my little sweetie.


Thank you!!


Praying for you and your precious girl. :heart:


She’s beautiful :heart_eyes:- prayers !


Lovely little girl be brave for her and keep the faith .


Thank you :blush:


Thank you :blush:


Thank you. Yes, in trying :blush:


Sending Lots of Hugs Little Sweetie!!!


Thank you!! :blush: