Newborn Joseph finished


Yes, this is one of my favorite kits, he’s just SO newborn :sparkling_heart: He has very light blonde hair. It took me three days to finish… And it’s still so light!


He looks awesome!


Thank you! @GypsyRoss


You are so welcome :blush:


He is beautiful! I love his hair!


Absolutely beautiful


Thank you ! @BabyCakesReborn @Msmimi04 :blush:


You welcome


So sweet! Love his hair!


Thanks :star2:


Wow! Beautiful! How many have you made?


Lovely job!

One of my favorite kits, too.


Oh wow!! He looks great!!


My favorite kit. He’s beautiful.

Loved yours too, @ECNRebornBabies. :blush:


Thank you :blush: This is my 4th Joseph, not a record by any means, but I don’t usually repaint the same kit unless requested.


Thank you! @DollyPardon
Yes @ECNRebornBabies your Joseph is amazing!


Something I’m not pleased with is his eyelashes. I might have to trim and thin them, but that means retaking pictures :flushed: Long eyelashes look pretty, but he has such sparse hair that they don’t quite fit.


You did such a beautiful job on him I’m blown away


Thank you @katieperry :star2:


wow such sweet skin tones. Those lips and nails! :heart_eyes: Is that painted hair? WOW! What color paint did you use to get that color of hair?