Newborn Joseph finished


Honestly, jennifer Imho, you are good with the eyelashes…blond especially doesn’t show up such as a darker color, and they look so good as they are…it’s your preference, of course, but the baby is just perfect as he is :blush:


Oh and your pictures are just superb! :slight_smile: ~~~~this one really really nakes me want to get a Joseph! :blush:


Oh my goodness, that is one stunning reborn. Amazing skin tones and that hair is just so realistic. Wow!


Thank you! I actually used prisma pencil :+1:t2:


Thank you @Simone :blush:


Thanks! Thats another thing I feel I struggle with. I’m always trying to take better pictures, I’m glad you like them!


Great Job, Jennifer!


what color pencil did you use?


Ginger root, beige and cream


I wonder if Jackie uses a pencil? That color looks like her peach fuzzes :slight_smile: Beautiful baby!


I do the peach fuzzes with one of the lighter pencils… I think it’s eggshell? It works really well!


I think you are right on.
He looks really good love his hair but i agree if you thin the lashes they would look great and go with his thin hair .Just a dash too thick for him.