Nora Mae Special! Auction at $100.00!


Nora Mae is still available due to a buyer’s unfortunate circumstance. Therefore, I decided to have fun with this little beauty & start her Auction at $99.

She is beautifully made & still looking for her forever home. Thanks for looking!


Oh my goodness. You are brave lady! If I had the money, I would be bidding! She is just the cutest thing!


Thank you! It’s also my way of being kind & generous ~ I won’t be painting Silicone kits anymore & only sticking to Vinyl Kits (my true passion).
I felt like giving someone a shot at having a beautiful doll at a cost they can afford. :slight_smile: :heartpulse:


That is really kind of you. I hope she goes high enough that you get your money for the kit back.
I’ve not tried painting silicone. I really don’t have any desire to but I would like to watch he process. You did a wonderful job on Nora Mae and someone will be very lucky to get her.


OMG! No Reserve! You are brave. Someone is going to get very lucky. I hope she goes for more than you were expecting. She is beautiful.


Good luck on your sale!!


Thank you ~ I appreciate that!


Thank you so much!


I was watching and even bid a few times. Sorry you did not get what she is worth. She is beautiful and someone got an awesome deal.


Aaww thank you for checking in with me, that was cool! It is what it is & I’m very happy she found a mommy. And I’m going to agree with you that they received a great deal :blush: Every time I look over at her I do a double take!! LOL