Not liking Canada rightnow


My first (and only) sale to a Canadian has gone really wrong. Got a message from him today (the one who wanted me to lie so he could get a break with customs) saying that he refused the package because it was damaged so badly he could see the doll inside. He is going to the post office (or whatever it is there) to assess the damage and I guess decide what to do about it.

&/#;…$^&* …Now what? Is it insured? With all the extra charges how much will I get if anything? Do I have to refund him the full price? He paid extra for shipping to Canada.

Does anybody know anything that can put my mind at ease? Or should I just prepare to be sick?


It depends on if the doll is damaged. I’ve had damaged boxes come with the contents perfectly fine.
Ask for pictures of the damaged box, as he might be full of crap. lol


I was just thinking…I’m not giving a refund unless I get the doll back. I can fix it probably. And right…he could be what your said. LOL


BUT if he refused the package, shouldn’t it be coming back/returned? I never heard of someone going to the post office after refusing it.


I have no idea how things work in Canada. He says he has to go there to inspect the package contents. He has a very high ebay rating (350) and 100 per cent feedback. That’s why I decided to take on dealing with something I’ve never done before. I guess I will find out tomorrow.


Don’t refund unless the doll is returned. Busted box or not, you should get the doll back.


Have you tried googling CanadIan Post’s process for recipient package refusal? @flymetotheisle @Sony72 or @MichelleP20 may be able to shed a little light on the Canadian Post’s procedure…
I hope everything works out in the end :pray: Try not to stress over it now. It will only make the situation harder on you and if this buyer is being dishonest you’re giving him the upper hand by making yourself sick over a situation that is out of your hands atm. Have you checked your tracking? It should say if package was refused…

Just a heads up: I had someone contact me on ebay inquiring about shipping to Argentina. I noticed they only had a feedback score of (3) which alerted me right away so, I did a google search and found out that Argentina’s customs is awful. Many packages sit in customs for months at a time and often times get lost and never retrieved. If the buyer purchased through a source with buyers protection then they get a full refund and the seller is left reaping the consequences. Needless to say, I wouldn’t take the chance on shipping to Argentina…


I unfortunatly don’t know much about situations like this as this as never happened to me before. I receive most of my package at a depot in the USA and cross the border to get them so Im no help on this even if Im canadian. I hope someone can point you in the right direction. I personally would contact post canada and ask about what you need to do to get the assurance money if the doll is damaged.


I have never had anything like this happen to me…once I received a porcelain doll whose leg was broken but I found out after I opened the package… PayPal refunded me the money.


Canada is quite civilized and we don’t live in igloos or anything of that nature - haha. If a package is shipped to the door and the packaging is ruined you can refuse to accept it and it gets returned to sender. I’ve refused a BB package after the duty was $73 (before they had the standard shipping fee - so my shipping was already high and then duty fees ended being higher than the cost of the kits inside). BB flagged my account and wouldn’t let me purchase anything for a month or so. But, at any rate I ship most my babies from Canada to the USA and I make sure, when I fill out the shipping label, to insure for the actual price of the doll and check that it’ll be shipped back to me, at my expense, if refused - I’d rather be out $40 for shipping then $300 for a doll that sits unclaimed.

I’m thinking that your buyer saw the ruined packing and refused at the door because he didn’t want to accept the doll if it was ruined in transit. He probably contacted the post office and asked to inspect the doll, in their company, so that he can either accept or refuse with a witness. If he accepted a ruined packaged and a ruined doll, at his door, he probably felt like he had no recourse - it wasn’t caused by his negligence or yours. By refusing and asking to see the package at the post office he can visually inspect whether there is damage and can decide how to proceed from there.

Further, what I learned, when shipping out of country, is to attached a little package addressed to “Customs” on the outside of the box (you can get self-affixing “baggies” at the post office for free). I list all the contents of the package as well as put tiny samples of all the stuffing inside the doll (cluster-stuff and glass beads). That way, customs doesn’t feel the need to pull a package apart to see what’s inside if the stuffing (or glass beads) look suspicious. It keeps everything much tidier when it arrives at its destination.

Not sure if this helps.


I think he probably refused because of import taxes. Main reason I love Global Shipping Program. It’s already included so no surprises when the item arrives. In any case the package should be returned back to if he refused it.


That is exactly what happened. He is going there today to have it opened. He is hoping the doll is not damaged and he said it would be returned if that is the case. He paid all the customs fees already. I’m feeling better about the whole thing. He has been very nice.


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To everyone who tried to help me with my concerns…I really appreciate you. It ended well. The doll was not damaged.


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