Nuetralizing bi-ricial kits


How do you neutralize the skin color so it’s not so pink?


A mint green wash will neutralize red and pink. Just make sure it’s thin wash or it can blotch. When you first put it on you’ll barely see it. Sometimes it takes a second coat of wash. Try it on a neck or limb flange and see the difference it makes.


I am going to chime in with something different here. Mint green will neutralize red but when talking about a biracial colored kit I would not go that route. Brown is made of the 3 primary colors - red , yellow and blue. Too much red then do washes of the other 2 colors of yellow and blue and see if that evens it out. You are less likely to get a dead looking skin tone this way rather than the mint.


@anjsmiles, I have a question about that bi-racial flesh tone. I have an Angelina kit (2 actually and they certainly weren’t suppose to be THAT color and is didn’t state they were anything other than pale vinyl) and both of them are a real brown color. They are not reddish, they are brown. What might you suggest to lighten that?? I do work with GHSP but just don’t know what colors to use. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I can definitely see using the primary colors to neutralize but there isn’t ONE color that is standing out in the vinyl to me, it is just an even shade of brown so I don’t know where to go with that. Thank You.


You can always go over it with Flesh 08 layers until you bring it back to a more neutral base color. Once you have that, you can then proceed with your colors as you would if you bought a caucasian kit that was pale. I have done this with some of the older vinyls that looked more brown.


Thanks Anj, I guess I’ll have to try that, it’ll probably take about a million layers though cause it is really brown!!


If it is that dark I think I would just go darker with it and make a dark ethnic baby.


Hadn’t thought about that!! I’ve never done an AA baby, maybe it’s time to try one!! I’ve always been a little leery of attempting AA flesh since so many have trouble with them. I can barely paint a light skinned baby correctly.


Just go dark enough so as to be olive skin tone or bi-racial. It does not have to be very dark to look nice.


Must give it a try one of these days.


This kit started out as very dark brown vinyl with a slight pink tone, which is why I went darker with her. I sold her as a painted kit so this is the only photo I saved.

This one was pink brown vinyl too. It makes for great AA babies


Thanks for sharing them @anjsmiles, I appreciate it. Maybe I will practice with some AA colors.