Nuwave inside


I haven’t used heat set paints in a long time. When I did, my halogen oven was in my studio and not vented. I just didn’t know better. But I did know that I would not paint as much as I wanted to if my oven was outside. Anyway, the smell of heated vinyl did give me headaches and affected my allergies. When I did “know better”, I tried to use ghsp again and made a mess of the baby I was working on.


I only use mine outside. I worry more about my kids health since they are still growing. And we have a little bird too. They are sensitive to fumes. He’s probably croak right over if I used it inside :flushed:


Personally, I would NEVER bake indoors. Even with open windows and ventilation/exhaust fans. JMO. Better safe than sorry.


I use mine in kitchen which is the opposite side of living areas in my home and open the windows.


Mine stays in the garage and I vent the garage by opening doors at both ends, most of the time, to exhaust the fumes out. I hold my breath when I open it and step outside for a minute to let the concentrated fumes dissipate a little, and then go in and take the parts out, still holding my breath. Baking indoors is not a good idea. Vinyl fumes are toxic.


My NuWave is in our sunroom that was originally a screened porch. It’s pretty much outside as there is a set of sliding doors between there and the rest of the house. I usually open at least one or two windows out there when I bake kits. I use a window fan to try to draw any fumes from where I paint outside too when the weather allows.
It’s bone-cracking cold here right now though and no fans and very careful baking even on the porch and all windows out there are shut. Not going to bake in the house, but I’ve been waiting til the sun warms the porch a bit in the mornings before using the NuWave. So far the dome hasn’t cracked, but I worry every time I use it that the extreme cold will cause it to do that.


I’ve had the same worry! I’ve been using my nuwave in 16 degree windy weather and so far so good !


My garage gets down to 30 at times in winter, and I bake for 10 minutes at 266, and all is well.

I have a small desk fan on when I paint.


See, I stopped painting because we are I the 20 ans 30 that never happens. I felt the paint wasn’t set and I was right.


Be very careful.My dome is cracking on I guess my fifth? Nuwave oven and it is from it being so darn cold out on the porch.I knew better than to turn it on with the temps in the 20’s in the daytime but I NEED TO PAINT !!! lol


Mine cracked on the 3rd use. Inside… in summer… ugh.


Oh noooo


I have gone through 5 Nuwaves,2 the domes cracked on and 3 I just wore slap out(and that’s 5 with me extending their lives using parts from the others to keep them going as long as they have.).Wore 3 of the off brand ones to death.I do have 2 off brands still with the glass bowls and extender rings I can use when this one completely dies.I keep all the parts as one dies to extend the lives of them.I picked these 2 up on sale at ALDI just in case.Looks like I may be needing them soon.When I use the off brands ,I usually run 2 at a time so I can bake all the parts of a baby at the same time.


My Magic chef lasted 2 years before the motor went. ($35 free shipping)

My Nuwave still runs but missing chunks of the dome where the heating element attaches ($99)
(plus I HATE the smell)

My newest off brand ($40) is only a few months old and runs fine but seems to be hotter than the others even though the thermometer reads the same. The vinyl gets shiny or warped like at the ankle for example if I run it close to the “normal” temp and time. This one is digital but it goes up in 25° increments… so I have to adjust the temp. 250 or 275… 275 is way too hot even for less time. 250 works at 7 minutes… anything longer and it warps the vinyl, etc. (extender ring on every time of course)


How frustrating!


Yikes to all the nuwaves. My first baby I made with heat gun and it was. Disaster. Noy ever recommended.


I have 3 Nuwave ovens in my studio. I am usually working on more than 1 kit so it helps with the process. I have never had an issue at all. I do have my ceiling fan on, but no window open. It is way too cold here to even think about the window being open or baking outside. Our high today was -3 overnight low was -17. I also used my regular oven for many years.


I paint outside. Because I have a bird. And a cat with bad kidneys. So I bake outside to be safe. Means I can’t paint right now since its so cold. But I don’t want to risk it inside


My NuWave ProPlus is about two years old. It has the stronger dome on it and now it’s starting to chip around the edges. The regular domes only lasted me three months before they cracked around the top where they connect to the motor head.


What kind of bird do you have?