Nuwave inside


I’ve had my NuWave for a good couple of years or longer and I’ve never had a problem. Lots of the ladies seem to have cracked domes happening and I wonder--------do you open your oven while it is hot?? I always let my parts cool down in the oven and so far I have never had a problem. Jenni said her’s smelled so bad and I wonder if maybe some packing was somewhere inside the heating part that nobody noticed?? I bake in my craft room and I have NEVER once smelled anything remotely like fumes of any kind. It’s weird how we have all had such different experiences with our NuWaves. I know one thing, when mine goes out or breaks I will definitely be buying another one, it’s the only way to bake as far as I’m concerned!!


I smell fumes all the time. It smells really bad. I do open after it is finished. Even if I do not, I can still smell it. That is what made me curious about where everyone is cooking.


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I just used the last of my Christmas cash to buy my first Nu-wave. I got a really good price at Bon-ton . It was on sale for $69.97.

Shipping Method:Standard Delivery

NuWave Oven Red Pro Plus with Stainless Steel Extender Ring Kit

Sale: $69.97 Original: $200.00
Quantity: 1

Sale: $69.97

I just couldn’t pass it up since I’ve been wanting one but couldn’t find it at a reasonable price. I even got free shipping by using a promo code.
I hope I don’t run into some of these problems.


I used to bake inside at my house, with the fan on. Now I bake outside on the porch at my mom’s. I have had very high liver enzymes since I began reborning in 2013. I don’t think it’s the baking. I think it may be the thinner that hurts us just as much as the fumes from the vinyl baking. I use a convection oven and I smell the fumes when I open the door sometimes more than others.


Oh no! I need to have a window open.


I will also say that I think my enzymes are high because I am fat and I had mono very bad when I was 17 so I think my liver is just compromised.


Aww, how cute. I used to have a Citron Cockatoo and an African Gray. Birds make special pets.


That’s the one I have and I love it! Just always use the extender ring and you’ll be fine. Great shopping and awesome price!


I did a terrible thing. I stripped a kit and I am not sure if it was washed well. There was a terrible smell when I varnished and put in nuwave. I hope it doesn’t catch on fire. If there was never a smell, there is one now. I have a headache,lol.


I’m so glad to hear you love yours! I decided to take a chance since it was on sale.


When I use my nuwave I sit it on the cook top of the regular oven and turn the range hood on high. That way any fumes will be sucked right up and out. I also let my pieces cool a bit before opening the lid. I find a big difference doing that opposed to when I baked in my craft room with a fan on and window open. When I did that, I still smelled fumes. Now that I use the range hood I don’t smell anything.


I’ve been thinking about this since we started the discussion. I painted off and on all weekend and never noticed a smell from the NuWave, BUT I let the parts stay in till they’re cool, mostly because I’m painting and too lazy to get up and take them out the minute they stop baking. LOL…you guys know I’ll tell you the truth, good or bad! :laughing:

Just wondering if that’s why I don’t notice a smell, because in my mind, hot vinyl should have a smell.

Wish I had a place to put my NuWave outside, like a covered patio or an enclosed porch.


I bake in my craft room and never notice a smell but I too leave my parts in there till cool. I often wonder if people are taking the parts out when the oven is hot and placing the dome on the holder and if this is putting pressure on the dome causing the dome to crack. Just a thought.


I personally never put the dome on the rack… but flat on the stove top, and it broke after 3 uses. (clear dome)


I just don’t get it, I’ve had mine for a couple of years and it has a clear dome and never had a problem. Sorry you had this happen Jenni.


Just ordered a new one again so I will do as you say and let it completely cool before removing the dome.Sure hope it helps,getting tired of replacing

@jlesser I have had the clear and the gold toned domes and managed to crack them all without touching them.They will be fine and I look at them and they have cracked for no apparent reason.


Where does everyone live? Does that make a difference? I live in NC, I have had mine almost a year and no crack. I have the yellow dome one.


I have two Nuwaves with the amber dome. I bake in my garage. This time of the year it is cold. I take my parts out as soon as the oven quits and cool them with a fan. I haven’t had a problem with either of them.