Nuwave inside


Do you think temperature change makes a difference? Or how dry or humid the air is. We are more warmer and humid here.


I have no idea. I think I just had a faulty dome…

But haven’t tried getting a replacement yet


I live in Rhode Island. Frigid, cold winters and hot, humid summers.


Just wondering why some crack#


This is my Gizmoe :purple_heart::yellow_heart:


What a cutie!


I bet he is good company!


He is. His favorite word is Hello. And he laughs at everything. :smile:


Adorable! My two parrots were the best pets I’ve ever had.


I just ordered the glass version today my nuwave finally bit the dust.


Same here


Can you please recommend an offbrand? Does anyone still use their home oven?


Baking the GHSP causes a condensation of liquid/chemicals to build up on the inside of the oven. Using a kitchen oven is not safe or smart. The condensation covers all things inside and you would have to deep clean your oven each time you want to make food.
The chemicals could leach into your food


Yes, I was surprised when I first saw the oily residue building up on the upper part of the dome.


Oooh yeah I’m not going to. I was tempted to buy I’ll wait until my oven comes. You convinced me on not using my cooking oven. I can’t bake outside, I’m in the 7th floor and I’m stuck using a bedroom or the kitchen for my doll station.