Old Kit Paint Party!


I have quiet a few older kits in my collection (ok a huge amount) and I need to start a new kit. Is there a size requirement or a due date. I’m pretty slow but if I have a due dated I work better. I’ll pull my kits out of the closet tomorrow.


Nope, no size requirement or due date. It’s just a paint together kinda thing, I’ll probably be done in 2-3 weeks though, if you wanna aim for that. I don’t have a body or eyes the right size for mine yet so I need to sell a doll before I can fully finish mine anyway.


I don’t know exactly when I will be starting on this one but it will be after IDTS.
Someone who knew I wanted to make a 1/4 limb baby just because sent me a
Tina Kewy Life’s Little Miracle kit.


I have a Presley I could paint next! Puppy is still keeping me pretty busy but hopefully I’ll finish my current wips in the next few days and be ready for a paint party!


Look at that face! Can’t wait to see what you do with him!


Yay Presley! I love that kit, I’m still sad I missed out on him. Can’t wait to see what you do with him


Yea, poor thing is one of those “Only A Mother’s Love” kinda faces!


He definitely is lol I’m sure you’ll make him pretty though!


I am in. I have two Lulu sculpts im painting at the same time.


@anjsmiles Me too!


I just wasted half an hour looking through all the old kits when I know good and well I’ve got a closet full of kits waiting to be painted. I really like Aubrey and Gabriel but I guess I’m sticking with Presley.


I love LuLu! She was my first and I plan to do another one of these days to see my progress (or lack there of)


Bless his little heart.


If it’s no due date - I am in. I have two babies that I want to finish before I start on someone else and we have vacation trips in each month of the summer, and I work full time.
I will paint Morgan’s heads with Shyann limbs.

LOL, I started to reborn with old ones because they were cheapest in January


I have a Presley, too…though my oldest is probably Sharlamae, who I hope to start rooting in a couple of days


I am giving myself a due date of “sometime in July.” That gives me about six weeks to get myself together. I have two others I want to do in the meantime. Anyone else want to try to get their baby finished “sometime in July” with me? :sweat_smile:


That sounds like a good amount of time! I’m too obsessive to wait that long lol I already put the first layer on Jewel tonight and it’s 2:30 am but I don’t want to stop :rofl: I also just painted eyebrows on my budget baby Precious Gift who will be assembled tomorrow with Tink (hopefully his glue is dry by then)


This is awesome!! I needed an excuse to drag out one of the zillions of old kits in the stash. Realborns are cool and all, but there’s something charming and beautiful about a baby who started as imagination and clay at someone’s fingertips :blush:

@AlyBrick I’m with you…maybe even “sometime in August”…:rofl:


The only way I can think of to know is maybe searching for them on this forum and assuming the oldest post is when it came out…

The earliest post I saw for Faith was in 2010
Oldest post of Rosebud I saw was 2011


Me. I just have so much other stuff to do.