Old Kit Paint Party!


I just painted a seconds Kase, he’s a surprise present for my favourite customers son.

I need to darken his eyebrows a bit because his hair is meant to be dark brown/black


I’ll be doing Thomas awake. If that’s not old enough please tell me.


Thomas is definitely old enough, he’s one of the very first realborns so he counts.


Presley is by far one of the best Realborn kits they ever made!
I so wish @bbsupport would re-release him with full limbs!


I just washed up a Kyra head. She has a fair amount of detail for being an older kit. Love her lips. Her one eyebrow in higher than the other-guess I will go with it- makes for a cute expression. And she has a cute little foot on the back of her head :foot:


She is so sweet! I love the footprint on her head. Wonder if she still has it if I buy her :joy:


Sounds like fun! I’ll do Heather by Donna Rubert


I have a Heather I was thinking of doing as well. But I’m working on contest babies for Rose right now so I won’t be able to start until after the doll shows are over


Thank you. Good idea!


Is the LuLu kit considered old? If so I’m in! When will the paint party start & end? Thanks! This will be fun💕


Any time! Right @MilosMeadows? We will just keep the thread live for a while. It’s summer and everyone has crazy schedules. Like I said earlier, I am shooting for any time in July.


I love heather! Want to paint her someday


I have Thomas, too. What about Jake? Is he a BB kit? And Raine? Lane?


here’s my Presley I’m working in


Is this the Presley that Is Priscilla’s sister?


Yes it is


Sounds like fun! I am going to look through my kits and see what I have.


Kyra was one of my very first kits I painted, I gave her to my grandmother and she loves that baby even though he wasn’t that nice lol. I love the kit and need to give her another try.


I love that idea


@Vanniek I am working on Kyra asleep that I got recently and it still has the footprint an the head.