Old Kit Paint Party!


Raine and Lane definitely count. They were released before I started reborning so at least 4.5-5 years old


Lulu is old too, she was around at least 4 or 5 years ago when I started.


One old kit and one new kit. Both were just born moments ago. Budget baby Precious Gift and sweet little Tink


I think I’ll join the party! I’m about to start on Honey as soon as I finish the last one currently on my table. I’ll take pics of the kit soon!


Yay!!! I love this!!! I just got 2 older kits, now to decide which one to do!!!


Did a dark umber layer and a yellow. I think I’m falling for this one-she has so much personality already :smile:


So beautiful I love how creamy and soft her skintone is! I just finished a biracial baby as a donation for @Tessa but haven’t taken pics of her yet.


I just got her out to take pics. She’s pretty sweet, especially for a sculpt with basically no detail on the head. She has alternate limbs.


@LisaLynn, Kyra is one of my favorite kits. She is versatile in the ethnicity. I have two or three in my stash.


I will join you after my moving (friday). I have Morgan to paint as a faity for my niece’s birthday this summer. Or I may paint Thomas, I am not sure. She want a small one with open eyes.

I can’t wait to paint again, I miss it !


Sounds like fun!! I would love to join!! I’m pretty slow lol but maybe it will get me going on the Clyde kit I got from @Mommarobin :blush:


How old is Priscilla?


She’s pretty new. I think maybe 1 year old or so.


First prototype was Nov 2017, I just checked :slight_smile:


Count me in. I am going to paint Jacob!


Ladies I have a lot more “old” kits than I realized! Help me pick one, and if anyone knows the oldest I’ll do that one! I have Natalie, Gracie, Crystal, Elsie, Heather, Shyann & Gabriel!!!


Elsie, Heather,Crystal,Shyann and Gabriel were all around when I started reborning 5 years ago, so any of those. Gracie and Natalie are more recent, but still older. Elsie was my second baby, but I have a soft spot for Gabriel. Especially on a full legged body (I used the 3/4 arm full leg realborn body on mine)


I LOVE Gabriel’s face, he may be the one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t know much about Gabriel so that’s my vote.


I’m going to paint Morgan. She’s so sweet.