Old Kit Paint Party!


Thank you! I’ve been wanting to do this kit for ages!


:heart: thank you


Oh no! I grabbed her also cause she was on sale… I just wish she had full limbs…I’m going to search around my studio and see if I have any spares :wink: I haven’t looked today to see if there’s any good sales- they did have glass beads and the baby fat on sale- but I had already made a purchase!


I know it doesn’t change her arms but I used a full legged body on Kimi & Kimber who share limbs with Gemma and it worked fine.


Yay!!! I’m going to do the same!


He is stunning!


Can’t wait to see pics! I know she’ll be lovely! I should be painting Jewel right now but I’m a bit stuck lol My buddy demanded snuggles. Notice his sister moping in the corner?


Awww:) I love kitty cuddles!


I don’t get them often but I love them too. He’s my snuggle bug, but he’s still a cat so he doesn’t usually want them unless it’s inconvenient for me :rofl:




@PaperCityDolls I look yesterday at that too, and many people use Gemma’s legs as full limbs, they are long enough. I just wish her arms were more realistic, but this is why there are differences between realborn and sculptor created baby, correct? :wink:


Is 6 mo Easton an old kit? I’ll paint her anyway even if she will not qualifies, as I have Morgan’s head for this party, but Easton such a nice kit with very good details. Love her already!


I have had this kit sitting in a bin since I first started reborning, I would love to see yours maybe it will encourage me to paint her.


I’m getting ready to start another Ember but this one will have realborn summer rain limbs so she is half old hahaaha


I won’t be starting mine for another day or two. But hope to choose which kit I’m painting and post a pic tomorrow! We are just fashionably late is all! :wink:


I tried to search this forum for Easton and it goes pretty far in time - 2012-2014. Soo I am excited to paint her also. Never painted baby that big yet, so it’s something new for me to tackle. Love her!

@Reefbubbles We should paint them together! :wink:


She’s cute already! Your brave- After I painted a 3 mos Joseph- rooting his head- it was so time consuming now I’m stuck on newborns and preemies;) He was fun to dress though and he sold quickly- just a big hunk of baby!


Can’t wait to see everyone’s babies! Easton is my favorite BB sleeping kit!


I just started Madison Asleep and washed up Holly to maybe get to start her as my alternative or I would :grin:. Something tells me you would be finished before me. I take a month to finish a baby lol.


@Reefbubbles :grinning: It will be a loooong way for me also. It’s summer - traveling to see grandsons and taking other vacations every month.
Good luck with your alternative. I know it will be lots of work (much-much-much more than regular reborn), but it will be all worth it at the end. And she will be so unique!