Open eye joseph


do you think there might be a opened eyed 3 month Joseph.?


I think they said there would be.


YESSSSS!!! I’ve already got a wait list for customs that I don’t do! :smile: :blush:

Can hardly WAIT!


As popular as the sleeping Joe is, it would be bad business sense not to make an Awake version. And they need to make more 3 month realborns. They would all be big hits.


LOL @kareninflorida


More toddlers please.


I really hope they do. That’s probably what I would spend most of my time painting. Big Joe sold like crazy, you would think they would be wanting to scan every baby again after a few months.


More 3 month olds, more toddlers, and throw some 2 month olds and 6 month olds in there too. :heart:️️