Open noses?


Way back when I did reborn Berenguers, we opened noses. But when I started reborning this time around, at the beginning of the year, I read everywhere that people don’t do that anymore. So I shade. And I never feel like they look complete. But I’ve been watching an artist who sells her babies for a lot. She opens noses. I love the look of open nostrils. But I don’t want to compromise the vinyl. So…what do y’all do?


I don’t open them, I don’t like the look. I’d imagine it wouldn’t compromise the vinyl too much, it’s different than an open mouth that’s constantly having pacifiers or bottles put in it which weakens it more.


i don’t open them


I used to open them and was a real stickler about it…I decided to quit and started shading them instead. If it’s done right, they look really good.


I’d worry about things getting in there. Like moisture or bugs. And what if you slip and the kit is messed up?


I’ve done it before, but prefer just shaded.
I’m afraid of messing up the kit and moisture getting inside the head.


I wonder why that high dollar artist does it. She specifically states “nose is open for realism.” Her babies sell for $1400. So…are customers going to see hers and start wanting open noses? :thinking:


I think it’s just artist preference. I don’t know that customers are going to specifically request it, but it’s possible.


I opened my first two dolls noses, and the City Doll that I first experimented with, then I read the noses were made deep enough now, that people didn’t do that anymore. I haven’t opened any of the other little noses since then. I just shade them. Sometimes, I think the noses would look better open, but I tend to drill them too big. I feel it’s safer for me to just shade them.


I like mine open. It really is a personal preference. As for things getting inside it is the same things getting inside a cloth body.


I remember when I first was wanting to get into this some years back that it was a given to open the nostrils and glue a dark colored piece of felt behind them for realism. When I was finally able to start the first of this year it was no longer being done. Things had evolved. I think if you want to open them, go for it. I really don’t know if there were reasons such as moisture, etc. for stopping it.


I still open noses. I like the deep shadowed look. When I try to just shade inside , I’m never satisfied and end up drilling again.


You sound like me. I did reborn Berenguers way back at the beginning of that trend. Opening was common. I was comfortable with it and never saw a problem. I was kinda surprised when I started back this year and learned open noses were a no no. I keep hearing about moisture. I just never personally saw that be a problem.


I’ve only been doing this as a hobby for about 2 years now and the first couple I did, I opened the nostril and I really liked the look, but stopped doing it bc it didn’t seem common. My 9 year old daughter and I were sitting in our nursery this week changing babies and she out of the blue said, “Now I know why you open the noses. It looks so much more real.” So, I may start again.


I had gathered some materials, including a few Berenguer Dolls, to get started. Then, we learned we had a REAL baby on the way… our last grandchild – a girl. So, of course, my time and interest shifted to doing things for the baby. Crocheting baby items, etc. Then, after she was born, I was so blessed to be her caregiver while her Mom worked until she was in school. So, I was wanting a reborn baby for myself. My hubby said he would get one for my birthday (last April). Is tarted shopping for just the right one. The more I looked, the more I realized that I didn’t know who was reputable and who was not. Just didn’t seem that the ones below $100 were authentic. Anyway, the good ones, beautiful, well made ones, were expensive as you all know. I just couldn’t ask him to spend that kind of money for me a gift. So, I asked him if he thought I would be able to make one for myself. He said of course I could. (I have “made” things for so many years, I guess he thought this would be good as well.) So, I ordered Easton and made her. I realized she was not not as realistic as I had hoped but when my grand daughter fell in love with her, I did, too. :slight_smile: OK. Long story… Neat to find someone else who was doing this way back when. As far as the moisture, I know it could be a problem. I wonder, though, if part of it is not cya, or just for prevention’s sake, you know? I don’t know if it has ever happened or not either.


I know what you are saying, but with it sealed off from inside the head with the felt I don’t thing bugs would get in there unless the chewed through it. That could happen. I guess a person could come up with a permanent fix that nothing could get through and put it back there. Just a thought. When I was first trying to do this, the drills were hand drills. Just a bit and you just turned it by had. It was harder to slip then, I think, than it is now when folks using actual drills.


Easton seems like a hard starter kit. I have him in the bin. But I haven’t made him. My first was Owen. He was rough. But he stays as my profile pic on here. I have decided I should get another Owen after Christmas. Every February I should make a new Owen as an anniversary baby to track my growth. :slight_smile:


Yep…just a drill bit. I never had a problem getting it right. It’s easy to control. But I do remember some people drilled out too big of holes. That would ruin a doll in a hurry.
I think I’m going to try to come up with a waterproof backing to try instead of felt. Some kits are fine shaded. But I just finished Sherry Blick and I’m working on Pebbles. Those perky little noses have very visible noses. They don’t look good to me. I would rather them be open. :grimacing:


I guess Easton might not have been the best choice for first baby, but I read about getting closed-eyed babies to start with. I thought she was cute. (Mine is a girl. Her name is Silvia now – named by my grand daughter.) I spent a lot of money on making her. I had no idea what I was doing, and I just went by what I saw on tutorials and such on youtube. I have now invested in several other tutorials that I think are more detailed. I hope they help me actually go better. Also, I joined MG Dolls on Patreon. She is helpful as well. I saw a lady who used folk art paints for her dolls. They were beautiful. I used them, too, but I had no idea about colors and such. So, I spent way too much money on paints and that sort of thing. Now, I have better paints, etc.


I follow MG dolls too. She’s amazing. I love how willing she is to share all her tips.