Open noses?


Some I open others I don’t I have had requests for them to be open when making them for others as well and when I do I use a heated awl it gives me more control I feel than a drill would .


I shade or open depending on my mood and how the nose is shaped. I prefer the look of the opened noses, though. Even though it is backed with felt, I think moisture would be a problem if the collector likes to wash the hair and isn’t careful. Kits have HUGE holes from production(the head and limbs all have openings) so I don’t feel that adding a couple of small holes in the vinyl is going to compromise it. As far as moisture is concerned, the vast majority of reborns have cloth bodies. I’ve had dolls, teddy bears, and other stuffed animals in my possession for over 40 years and none of them have been eaten by bugs or damaged by moisture. Those are environmental issues that aren’t the fault of the artist or manufacturer. As a consumer, I know to use reasonable and responsible care for any item that could be damaged by bugs or moisture, whether it be food, clothing, or a collectible.


I do not open them and dislike the look of open noses. They seem to be too open most the time… or not enough… (where you still see vinyl edges)


I don’t do it any more either. I don’t see the need. I put a little paper glaze in them for a moist look, tho.