Our adoption is finalized!


That is amazing news! Congratulations!
Truly the best Christmas gift ever!


Congratulations! :balloon::confetti_ball::tada:


Thank you so much ladies! I couldn’t wait to share the news with y’all. I so appreciate all the support, prayers, and love that I have received from y’all over this past year and a half. Y’all are the best!




I am so so happy for you all!! Blessings!!


Congratulations what a wonderful Christmas present.




Congrats! Handsome little man!


Congratulations Bette! I am so happy for you and for your sweet little man. {{{hugs}}}


Congratulations!! May God bless you all as a family together. :heart:


So happy for your whole family (pun intended). He’s adorable! Making the adoption final is such a big step into the future together. What a wonderful memory to celebrate every year during the holidays!


That is so wonderful, congratulations!!!




How exciting congratulations!!!