Outfits&Kits More added


Selling some baby clothes to buy supplies :wink:
Will try to ship everything as cheap as possible!!
Photos added in comments of these items!!!

Photos edited to clear out sold items. I will try to add the sizes and prices again in the morning!!


@Katinafleming @ashleyfox98 @Anne @Reefbubbles


Feel free to shoot me offers, I need to add some $$ to my PayPal lol


@CaribbeanAzure here are those other hero sets❤


Can you post a clearer picture of these please?


And can I get these please? :heart_eyes:


@panda here are those wrist cuffs dear :wink:


Of course @Katinafleming let me get you a better pic of those outfits real quick


@Katinafleming here ya go!


How much for the middle one and the one on the right? And are they newborn size?


The middle one is tiny, I’d say preemie, the other is newborn size
I had them at $7.50 each, do you want to do $6?


That sounds great. I’ll watch for an invoice :slight_smile:


What about these 2 girl ones and the boy one on the right and one on the left




UPDATE- kits added
Needing to sell, feel free to make offers if you dont like the price :wink:


@phassell Does $6 each for the boy sets and $7 each for the girls work?


Are they all newborn size?


@Phassell es, and they were all made for newborn photography, so they are true newborn sizes !


That sounds great. Oh I just saw your kits for sale. Tell me about Lorenzo…what size is he? He is precious.


@Phassell He is a Marissa May sculpt, long sold out. He is itty bitty, I believe 14-15", but can double check. He is still sealed in the original bag so never been touched! Let me grab you a couple more pics of him