Outfits&Kits More added


Well crap. Don’t mail my package tomorrow. I’m listing Enya. If she sells I’m going to want to buy a kit or 2. :grimacing:


I’d love the little knit fairy outfit please! My pp is bec1273@aol.com


Are the 4 girl pieces on the right in this picture sold?


@MaryJane no ma’am, they are all still available


@Phassell 14" kit


@Bec1273. It’s yours! I will send an invoice shortly


I would like them please.How much to ship to 28114? What total would I be looking at?


@Katinafleming no worries, I can hang on as long as you need


@MaryJane Shipping would be $4, does $20 even sound good?


Yes ...Maryal1978@yahoo.com


Sending a message.


Invoices sent


Paid…thank you


Updated again- removed sold items to declutter and help everyone see whats still available!!


What size is the Pugicorn onsie?


Tutu colors include: Several shades of pink, mint, white, cream, burgundy, rainbow, green (that I can think of off the top of my head ) All come with coordinating headbands.
Moccasins- Sizes up to 24 month, leather and suede, fringe&bows, many colors

Let me know if you want me to post hats&bonnets or other handmade photography clothing


Do u have any tiny crochet bonnets ? I loved the ones you had before ( I got one lol ) What size and how much is the pink minky outfit? And what about Paisley Ann - is she cute lol ? I know I want Charles - I m just trying to decide what else lol !


I don’t see a price for Ylenia. But her picture isn’t marked out. Do you still have her?


@Tungaro I do still have some crochet bonnets! I will get some pictures of them :wink: Paisley Ann… She is honestly just one of those faces I can’t say is very cute lol. The pink minky outfit is a Haute Baby sized 18 months, I would do $6 for it.
I will get the pics of the bonnets here shortly


@Katinafleming I still have her, lol- I dont think I marked her because I couldn’t decide on a price?! 65?