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I don’t see a price for ylenia - I know Paisley Ann is $30 -


Ylenia is $65


Shoes are $6 a pair


Added to your list :wink: I do have a little more to add!


I’m glad I’m not the only one with a constantly running tab with @Ledbetterlittles. I know better than to let her send my packages right after I buy something. I always end up adding to my stack of purchases :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol, I told you I have the inventory of a small store here :wink: Whenever someone choses something, it reminds me of other things I have. Soon it will all be organized and displayed so I can see it all at once and be able to post things together :wink:
I purchased so much inventory at once at tax time that I forget what I have. I got sick afterwards and just packaged it away because I was crushed that my little shop wasnt going to open how and when I planned!
I also have a shopping problem, so I always have new stuff to add lol. I need to open a little shop just for the forum members- I dont want to deal with anyone outside of here :slight_smile:


A little shop would actually be a really good idea. Maybe a private Facebook group would work?


That is a great idea!


Is the circled one still available? If so, I would like it. Do you have any others like it?

And what exactly is the one that my arrow is pointing at? Do you have a better photo of it?


I don’t have FB any more.:unamused:


More items for sale


@ashleyfox98 @Phassell @Tungaro @Katinafleming @DancesWithDolls @Anne @Pittypat
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@Charlene08 @CaribbeanAzure @mcnair6 @MaryJane @Bec1273


Interested in the eyes pming you.


I need a deep dark brown 20 mm glass eyes. In case you have any


I need all of these please. And now stop it! You’re breaking my bank account! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d like the rose backdrop and the $2 pink and grey sleeper please. :slight_smile:


Do you have any neutral color back drops? White, grey, or blue?


@Ledbetterlittles I want the jumper it looks like my daughter’s

If you still have 18mm acrylic eyes I’ll take some too.


Sorry, I will get back to everyone in a little bit!
I was getting these items photographed!!!
Look! More stuff! Lol