Outside of My Comfort Zone - Mottling Joe


Well guys, I’m always critical of how pale my babies are, and I admire some of the more colorful reborns. Mine are always light because I’m just so darned scared of messing up with too much paint. I bit the bullet today though and mixed my paints thicker. Joe has 2 layers of flesh and one mottle layer each of purple, blush, and ocre!

I’m scared that I’ve ruined him, but I stuck him in the over before I could change my mind. Wish me luck!


looking really good so far :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Good for you!


Looks great so far!


I am the opposite, most of my babies are newborn and are darker skinned. I am doing a chubby baby now and I’m struggling with keeping the skin tone a lighter color. I think your’s looks fine, can’t wait to see him done.


Looks very good.


Looking good!!!


Can’t wait to see him finished.Looking great !


You’re doing awesome! I’m making a pale baby this week and I saw nlovewithreborns2011 mix white into her primer. I went Wha?! Then I got an idea. My next reborn will be an English Rose. Pale with blush accents. I like a clean face baby so I will do some mottling but no scratch marks etc.