Painted Hair WIP Another!


Thought I’d share this one so far. It is one of my favs. I’ve done. You may notice a little smudging like above the ear. That’s because she was glossed before the hair (I didn’t paint this one just doing the hair) it can be fixed with another layer of hair.
Anyway I like how it is looking and this has taken about 30 mins. so far


This is my FAVORITE SO FAR!!! I love these colors!!! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Your prisma amazes me. Mine hate me I think… lol :wink:


Oh wow! That is looking fantastic :heart_eyes:


Can we see the front please? Do you know how many screen shots of your paintef hair I have on my phone? You’re my inspiration!


I LOVE THIS HAIR!!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you everyone.


Completely gorgeous and 30 minutes in?? Wow I hope I have that talent one day!


:slight_smile: Thank you very much. I’m actually like almost done so I will show everything in just a moment. It’ll be done shortly.


Wow. 30 minutes. Takes me that long to get my paint and brushes set up to start. OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but geez, girl, you’ve got skills… I raise my hat to you.


Yeah… 30 mins? yep my pencils hate me… hours later and I have less hair then that… lol


Thank you very much. Yep 30 mins. Maybe an hour in a half for the whole look. I had to take a few breaks because of major finger/hand cramping. I’ve been rooting some these past few days and my fingers cramps horribly always when I root tons and then try to paint hair.


Love this on Cierra…probably my fav so far too though you have done some very lovely ‘masterpiece’ hair painting… :smile:


I really like this one, the color is softer and more baby like. Love it! Can’t wait to see it all finished.


Wow. Awesome job!


Thank you everyone. All done. Have to do a touch up layer so much darn smearing with this one. :frowning: Will share in just a moment


Going to seal and touch it up. The smudging is ridiculous. It’s because the entire face was glossed beforehand so pencils are lifting a bit. I have never experienced it to this level before :frowning: usually I can skip doing more than one layer especially using lighter color


Oh so pretty!


Thank you so much


Maybe I am just being very particular lol

Here’s the other side. I have to do the touching up mainly on the front and little in the back.