Painting during pregnancy?


I’m on my 3rd trimester pregnant and I’m wondering if its safe to use Real effect - air dry paints and paint reborns?
Since i know some paints aren’t good for the baby ( since i would be breathing the air where i paint ) Has anyone reborned during pregnancy?
I have 3 kits what i would love to paint, since I’m already off work on maternity leave and all i have is free time

I only have these Real Effect paints now


As a mother myself I think only you can decide what feels correct, obviously your paints state they are non toxic. Spend time rooting and if painting and you are at all worried you could buy a pollution mask. I am paranoid so not sure what I would do but you are way past the first trimester . If it is sunny and you can paint outside in your garden or such that would be more relaxing for you.

“Acrylic paint is the most common kind of paint, and it does not contain any thinners or solvents. It is perfectly safe for use when you have a baby in your belly, but use caution as you always want to make sure the fumes don’t make you feel sick.
Oil-based paints do contain thinners and solvents though, so you should avoid using these, especially during your first trimester.
The level of risk is low, but congenital abnormalities are not worth the gamble.
Being exposed to temporary paint fumes during your pregnancy is safe, as long as you know which type of paint to use”


Make the most of your time now enjoy your reborning before the big day x


Air dry should be just fine.


Can one paint with GHSP outside as well? Will it not dry too quickly while painting big parts? I’ve been wondering where and how will I paint after my baby is born.


Back when I used ghsp I used it outside. My mother didn’t want the toxins and the super flammable thinner inside the house. It didn’t dry super quickly for me.


Using Genesis outside is fine x


You should be especially careful with the fumes while baking. Put the oven in the garage or elsewhere with lot ventilation.


Thank you @ludmila. I always bake outside.


If I recall correctly, yes you can. I painted in acrylic while pregnant. You are not ingesting it and it is not harmful odour or absorption into the air wise; only certain pigments are when thinned and sprayed with an airbrush.

If at all concerned, best thing is just to Not, and that goes for anything, not just painting.